What are some signs of weak or bad brakes

What are some signs of weak or bad brakes

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It’s important to recognize signs of bad brakes on your car. If you notice any signs, it is best to take your vehicle in for service at a certified mechanic.

Common signs of brakes needing attention include grinding or squealing noises when brakes are applied, increased stopping distance, pulsations in the pedal or steering wheel when brakes are pressed, vibrations upon braking, and the illumination of the ABS warning light. If any of these symptoms arise, it is likely time for brakes service.

In addition to regular maintenance and observation from a qualified mechanic, drivers should pay close attention to their brakes during every drive and heed any warning signs that arise. Not only does this ensure safety on the road, but also prevents further damage and costlier repair bills in the future.

If you think that your brakes need attention, contact a certified mechanic as soon as possible to make sure your brakes are in safe working order. Doing so will ensure a smoother, safer ride!